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Student Support/Resource

Special Education Services

Connections Team

Miss. Hayes and the Connections Staff

School Psychologist

Kirsten Moerike
Mrs. Moerike


two teachers
Mrs. Showalter (right) and Mrs. Middaugh (left)

Tier 3 Math


Mrs. Hughes
Mrs. Hughes - Tier 3 Math


Becky Giles
Ms. Giles - Speech

Resource Team

Special Education teaching team
Mrs. Schmidt, Ms. Stepek, Ms. Thompson

School Improvement Specialist

Kelly Robinson
Ms. Robinson

ELL Services

ELL Services - Mrs. Sagal and Mr. Washington

Tier 3 Reading

Mrs. Guth
Mrs Guth - Tier 3 Reading
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Important Links

Special Education Team

Speech and Language Pathologist - Becky Giles

Tier 3 Reading - Callie Guth

Connections - Josie Hayes

Tier 3 Math - Carly Hughes

School Psychologist - Kirstin Moerike

School Improvement Specialist - Kelly Robinson

Ell - Becky Sagal

Resource - Hailee Schmidt

Gifted (Voyagers) - Quin Showalter

Resource - Rebecca Stepek

Resource - Katy Thompson